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  • Zach K. Avatar
    Zach K.
    5 star rating
    3/03/2020 - Yelp

    I had a badly deviated septum and had a previous surgery with another ENT on Long Island in 2013 in an effort to correct it. That doctor had shrunk my... read more

    Vivian B.
    1/26/2020 - Google

    Dr. Portnoy was my savior. After a vacation in the Caribbean, I developed a very serious sinus infection that rendered me without the ability to smell or taste. I'm a... read more

    Thomas S.
    1/26/2020 - Google

    Had great experiences with Dr. Portnoy. Surgery was very succesful, took the time to explain and discuss in the lead-to and follow-up appointments, took care of an issue with my... read more

    Jose Y.
    1/24/2020 - Google

    Dr Portnoy performed my septoplasty surgery, and everything went extremely smoothly and now I can breathe from both sides of my nose. His office also helped check my insurance coverage... read more

  • Mitzi B.
    1/19/2020 - Google

    I could not be more pleased with the work Dr Portnoy did ! He was very pleasant, explained the procedure to me in detail and made me feel very comfortable... read more

    Lauren S.
    1/17/2020 - Google

    I recently had a cosmetic rhinoplasty by the fantastic Dr. Portnoy. The entire experience was second to none. The moment I walked into the office and met his staff, I... read more

    Philip S.
    1/15/2020 - Google

    Truly a fantastic doctor! Would recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing ENT doctor in NYC.

    Eileen A.
    10/19/2019 - Google

    Dr. Portnoy is my hero! He helped save my life.

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