In mirrors and photos, Jeri saw her nose first before the rest of her face because it “didn’t fit.” Dr. Portnoy defined and lifted the bulbous tip and smoothed the sides while maintaining her features. Now, her nose melds with the rest of her features naturally. Five years later after a fall, Jeri returned to correct facial trauma, but didn’t change a thing about her nose: “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”

Working in dance, Joey’s nose is often in the limelight, but a variety of subtle imperfections bothered him. Artfully correcting the tip cartilages through an open structure rhinoplasty and re-setting the nasal bones refined the appearance of the nose without giving him a “new” nose. Joey’s own features were enhanced, boosting his confidence day-to-day without anyone noticing.

After being teased as a kid, Josh learned to accept his big nose, but still felt insecure. A large nose dominated his first impressions. Consulting with Dr. Portnoy, he wanted to balance his features without drastic change. A subtle adjustment allowed his features work in harmony together and gave his eyes a chance to speak up while improving his breathing.

Following a childhood trauma and early rhinoplasty, Layne struggled with breathing problems. Dr. Portnoy’s patience and guidance gave her the comfort to go through with a major revision rhinoplasty. The open approach rhinoplasty used ear cartilage to reconstruct the weakened tip and correct the deviated septum to vastly improve function for breathing and smooth the appearance.

After suffering facial trauma, Vincent let his broken nose heal without reconstruction. The imperfections from the incident inhibited his breathing and his day-to-day confidence. A nasal septoplasty and open-structure rhinoplasty repaired his collapsed cartilage and immediately improved his breathing. With the improvements to his nose, Vincent looked and felt like himself again, but better.

With over 2,000 surgeries completed, Dr. Portnoy is an expert nasal surgeon well versed on the intricacies of the nose. As a key feature of the face and a vital part of breathing, surgery of the nose can enhance your appearance and quality of life. With Dr. Portnoy on your case, you can rely on the skills of a veteran surgeon to improve function and appearance alike so breathing comes easy.

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